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What Sets Us Apart

We are proud to be Dothan's first pet salon offering the new Thera-Clean micro-bubble technology.  A Thera-Clean bath is the deepest and safest cleaning technology available.

Your pet's skin is their largest organ. Because of that, there should be a focus, not just on cleaning the surface of the skin, but on deep cleaning the hair follicles and pores. Keeping them clean allows the skin to breathe and the body to do its job.  

 Clean skin is key to preventing many skin issues. Unless you are already seeing signs of unhealthy skin, how do you know what is going on deep down in your pet's skin?  

There is only one way to be sure your pet's skin is getting thoroughly clean and that is with a Thera-Clean micro-bubble bath. Stinky, oily, flakey, itchy skin is a good indicator that the pores are clogged and the skin not functioning properly. Ignoring symptoms of skin issues only leads to larger, costlier, and further complications that will not go away on their own.

As prevention or alongside your vet's care, let Thera-Clean help maintain clean, healthy skin. 

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Services offered include bathing of skin and coat with non-chlorinated, soft water, Thera-Clean microbubble baths, cleaning of ears, gland care, nail filing, deshedding, flea treatment, and styling of the coat. Our holistic approach to skin and coat care includes high quality shampoos,  conditioners, and styling products. We offer advice on how to keep your pet tangle free and make available to you products that will aid you in keeping your pet's coat in top condition between visits. Offering quality products, services, and guidance in coat care to our customers is our number one goal.

Puppies, seniors, special needs? No problem! We work with pets that need to acclimated or re-acclimated to the grooming process.  In our salon you will not only get a well groomed pet, but our goal is to make your pet as COMFORTABLE as possible when they visit us. 

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