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​New Updated Information:

Please read before scheduling an appointment.


Forms - In order to make drop off at your first visit run more smoothly, please print and fill out our New Pet Form, sign the Release Form. Bring them with you to your pet's appointment. Click HERE(coming soon) to print forms or we will gladly email them to you.

Vaccines - Your pet must be current on Rabies vaccination and not vaccinated within a week prior to your visit. We recommend that you and your vet discuss what other vaccines are right for your pet's individual needs prior to their visit.

In Season Pets - Female dogs can not be in heat, coming into season, or going out, during any visit. Note that it usually takes about 3 weeks for it to run its course start to finish. When the female dog stops discharging this is the height of breeding time.


Booking - Please call us at (334)589-9447 to set up an appointment. We will collect some information from you to set you up in the system and email you the necessary paperwork that you will need to bring with you at your first visit.

Convenience of Pre-Booking - We recommend 4-6 week prebook appointments for hair cuts. While this currently isn't a requirement, as our business steadily grows, it will become increasingly difficult to get an appointment unless you have prebooked your slot at your last visit. Standing appointments are guaranteed certain days and certain time slots. With pre-booked appointments you get the convenience of text reminders, email reminders, or both 5 days and 1 day prior to your visit so you will never forget an appointment. We ask that you also please confirm these appointments by following the instructions in the text or email and cancel appointments at least 2 business days before. If you would like a standing or pre-booked appointments, please let us know at check out.

Cancellation Policy - Cancellations require 48 hour notification so that we may fill your slot with someone on our waiting list. No show or cancellations with less than 48 hour notification wis subject to a cancellation fee of $20 or half the groom price(whichever is higher) payable before scheduling any future appointments. Income received from Pawlished Pets is our livelihood. Please know that we can only book a certain number of appointments per day and if our clients no show last minute, chances are very high that we can not fill the slot and that income is simply lost. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

New Clients - ALL pets receiving a hair cut will be receiving a Thera-Clean Spa bath with the trim.

Other - All dogs must be leash trained and walk willingly on a leash. This is especially important for large dogs for their own safety as restraining by leash is a necessary part of the bathing/grooming process. If your dog is not leash trained they can not be groomed if over 25lbs.




Styling Package Prices(Includes Thera-Clean bath)


Small dog 1-25lbs  (Thera-Clean bath, deshed, light trim to full hair cut) not difficult to work with on the table, $70-85.

Medium dog 26-55lbs (Thera-Clean bath, deshed, light trim to full hair cut) start at $92

NOTE that we are no longer taking NEW large dogs(over 50#) for HAIR CUTS.


Click HERE to learn why Thera-Clean costs more than your average groom.


Basic Bath package Prices:


Short HairUp to 25# $2525-55# $3255-90# $3990-115# $46115-140# $53
Med/Long HairUp to 25# $3025-55# $3755-90# $4490-115# $51115-140# $58




Bath prices are base price and do not include Thera-Clean, trims, or deshed. They include nail trim and file, ear cleaning, gland care, and a bandana. Shedding breeds(Pomeranians, Shepherds, Goldens) have additional deshedding fees based on the amount of fur that is removed.  Severe cases can be as much as $15 for small dogs and $20 and up for large dogs.


Thera-Clean With Bath:

Price varies by weight and is offered as an ADD ON price to a basic bath package. Price can be estimated by adding basic bath package above and Thera-clean prices below. They include nail trim and file, ear cleaning, gland care, and a bandana.

Up to 25lbs is an additional $30
Up to 55lbs is an additional $37
Up to 90lbs is an additional $42
90-140lbs is an additional $50

We also have Thera-Clean start up bath packages for pets with skin issues. Call for pricing.


Medicated shampoo $5-$10

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment please give us a call.


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