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Mineral Spa Shampoo

Reliq's Nano-enhanced minerals break through bonds of odor molecules and dissolve them on contact.

It is PH balanced at 7.5 which is ideal for dogs, easy to rinse, tear free, hydrates the skin and coat with no oily residue, and leaves your dog's coat soft, clean, and smelling fresh. Reliq's line of products are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

We love Reliq so much that we have made their full line available for purchase in our salon.

Soft Water

All water coming into our salon is purified and softened using Culligan's water softner. This system removes all impurities from the water, including Chlorine which strips the coat of natural oils.

Reliq is a great take-home shampoo for our Thera-Clean bath customers who want to bathe in between appointments. It works similar to Thera-Clean in that is breaks up that hard to clean debri that gets stuck on the skin. But it stops at the skin where Thera-Clean goes deeper.​

Full Service grooming

Whether your pet needs a light trim, a creative cut, or an all over smoothie, we can do it all. Our goal is to give the pet a cut that gives balance while being suitable for each pet's lifestyle and coat type. Our clientele are pet based, although we welcome the challenge of show dogs.
Sorry, hand stripping not available.

Other Services
Medicated Baths
Hand scissoring
Fluff Dry
Ear cleaning/Plucking
Gland cleaning
Nail Clipping
Nail Filing
Flea Treatments

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Thera-Clean Microbubble Baths
All Natural - No Chemicals. 100% Hypoallergenic
Completely Non-Abrasive
Environmentally Friendly

What are Microbubbles?
Simply speaking, microbubbles are just very small bubbles. To qualify as “micro”, a bubble must, in fact, be less than a 1000 micrometers in size.

However, to be effective for deep cleaning skin, the bubbles should be less than 25 micrometers in size and larger than 2. This allows them to penetrate hair follicles and skin pores while not passing through epidermis.

Thera-Clean has perfected a system that uniformly generates bubbles ranging from 3 to 20 micrometers.
To put this in perspective, a typical human red blood cell is approximately 8 micrometers in size; a human hair is approximately 70 micrometers and most bacteria are between 3 and 40 micrometers in size.

How Do Microbubbles Work?
Properly generated microbubbles carry a slight negative charge. This attracts positively charged molecules of dander, sebum and other organic matter. Some of the bubbles actually oscillate and implode from increased water pressure giving off significant energy which aids in dislodging organic waste. In fact, as the bath progresses the warmth of the water will actually rise to a comfortable temperature.

To further this process, the Thera-Clean system also utilizes a natural plant based enzyme powder that further softens and helps dislodge debris allowing the microbubbles to adhere to and remove waste.

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