Tara is the Best, Suzy Q is much more relaxed and comfortable in her skin, this treatment is worth every penny for my Fur Baby , bestie and companion , She has began to have more energy and playful at her age , almost 20 years.


It was a little while ago but I brought both my dogs into Tara to be groomed. They are Senior dogs and 1 of them needed some extra TLC which Tara was great at. She handled both of them and made them look beautiful and they were not stressed at all. They enjoyed their time with Tara. I recommend her.


Cooper is much better after his Thera-Clean bath. Still scratching a little but nothing like he was. He also smells wonderful! So soft and feels good."

We love Rosie's new look. She is always high energy but she had a little extra spring today. Thanks!


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Today was my dog's "puppy beautification day" at Pawlished Pets, Pet Grooming Service. They are always so excited to go, and so very proud and prancey (show off style) when I pick them up. If you don't have a groomer and you live in the Dothan, AL area, Pawlished Pets is the place to go. She loves the dogs and they know it, and she does a great job of grooming. Thanks Tara.


Tara has been such a blessing to myself and my Queen Annie, before Pawlished Pets the groomers would sedate Annie, and that was not necessary. Now she is excited to get her hair done, you truly have a gift, we appreciate your love and kindness to our 4 legged babies.

~Keli Allen


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Yes, Tara is the best!!! It's worth the drive!! She has helped Molly grow back her hair with this treatment. And she is very patient with the animals!!

~ Carr

UPDATE: Ms. Farley said that Julius hair on his sides grew back in one week of his first Thera-Clean bath where it was falling out and the bumps and persistent odor also disappeared! Her vet could not find exactly what was causing it, but we are glad Julius has seen such pawsitive results!

This really works(Thera-Clean)! My 100 pound dobie still smells, looks, and feels wonderful!! No flaky skin or bumps! We are sold and Apollo was a good boy for Tara, so he must have liked her as much as I Do! Thank you Tara!!!

~ Manzella

My 8 year old Shih Tzu, Bob had been scratching all over, especially on his front paw, for weeks. He was miserable. After his first Thera-Clean micro bubble bath this morning he hasn't scratched once! He is so relaxed too! I am completely sold on this! Thank you Tara for helping my Bob feel so much better and so quickly! Don't know what we'd do without you!

Updated message from Ms Stevens: He's licked his paws a couple times but that's it! That scratching he was doing is almost totally gone!

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My boys smelled better than ever and my Julius that got the micro bubble bath never had felt so soft since the time we first got him as a puppy. Such an awesome business and great family. Also love the touch with both of them leaving with a personal bandana!!


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She is well worth whatever amount she charges. She does an outstanding job with my hyper poodle mix. I strongly recommend Tara. Moe loves her.