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My dog has allergies. Can you tell me if your system might help him?

Thera-Clean won't take away your pets allergies, but it does deep clean the skin all the way down into the pores and hair follicles, ridding them of dirt, oils, and allergens that irritate skin. With thoroughly cleansed skin, medications, whether topical or ingested, will WORK BETTER. Shampoos can actually reach the skin and not just sit on top of oil and sebum which coats the skin. So, if you've tried everything and your pet is still itching, why not give Thera-Clean microbubble baths a try. Your pet will thank you.

My pet has yucky skin and he stinks no matter how often I bathe him. Can Thera-Clean help?

Yes! Even if your pet has a secondary infection that causes stinky skin like bacterial or even yeast, Thera-Clean can help. It deep cleans blocked pores and hair follicles and lifts trapped gunk wedged inside. Your pet WILL leave smelling fresh.

My pet doesn't have any skin issues. Is this bath good for her?

Yes! Thera-Clean is wonderful at helping PREVENT skin issues, because CLEAN skin is HEALTHY skin!

My pet is scared of water. Do you think this bath is possible?

Many pets are leery of the bath at first simply because they are sitting in a tub of water. Usually about 5-10 minutes into the bath pets relax and start to enjoy the massaging effect of the imploding microscopic bubbles. Some even fall asleep while we hold their heads up!

My pet has hair follicle dysplasia. Will MB help with his skin condition?

True follicle dysplasia is a genetic condition and the follicles are in fact "abnormal." This genetic disease causes alopecia(hair loss). It is caused by hair follicles that are misfunctioning due to structural abnormality.  Diagnosis is achieved through a biopsy and treatment rarely successful. So, if a biopsy has confirmed the diagnosis, the condition itself is rather untreatable. There are several types, some affecting only certain breeds. Certain breeds, such as the Mexican Hairless Dog and the Chinese Crested Dog, are bred specifically for alopecia!

Seasonal alopecia is slightly different and tends to occur when daylight shortens and has more of a hormonal style response. Some dogs with seasonal alopecia can see hair regrowth with regular Thera-Clean baths.

Thera-Clean can help with secondary bacterial issues which occur with primary follicle dysplasia, but true follicle dysplasia, the condition causing the secondary infection, is forever. So, if your pet has true follicle dysplasia, Thera-Clean cannot reverse the disease, but it can ease itching/odor that may be associated with secondary infections by DEEP CLEANING the skin. Repeated baths may be necessary to keep the skin clean, possibly even for the rest of their life.
(Thanks to Dr. Zarowny for the info on hair follicle dysplasia)

It is important to note that Thera-Clean is not an alternative treatment for chronic skin conditions. It is a complimentary one. Thera-Clean can help relieve the symptoms of skin irritation and works in conjunction with existing medications and shampoos, allowing them to work more effectively.


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Thera-Clean Microbubble

Are you embarrassed for anyone to pet your dog because of her odor? Does she stink no matter how well you bathe her? Does she lick her paws, or scratch non-stop? Does she have flakey, dry skin? 

Then you should try our Thera Clean microbubble spa package!

  • All natural
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Calms and relaxes
  • Deep cleans the skin into the pores and follicles
  • Less odor
  • Less itching
  • Less skin irritation
  • Less shedding
  • Improves therapeutic results

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Microbubble technology isn't "just a bath," It isn't even "just a bubble bath." Thera Clean creates tiny microscopic bubbles. These microbubbles are negatively charged which makes them attract and carry away positively charged foreign particles that are attracted to your pets skin. They are so tiny that they not only clean the surface of the skin, but they are able to penetrate deep down into the pores and hair follicles of the skin carrying away embedded oil mixed with dead skin cells, odors, dust, allergens, and anything else that gets stuck on and in the skin. 

This is something that a regular bath simply cannot do. A regular bath can clean the surface of the skin, but that's as far as it goes. It can not clean deep in the pores and hair follicles, which is where the odor hides and many skin issues begin.


With Theraclean we use plant based enzymes in the water which aid the microbubbles by loosening the sebum that collects around and inside the pores and hair follicles. These enzymes are safe in the eyes, safe enough to drink, and very effective when used along side Thera-Clean. Other than bubbles and water, this is all that is used during a microbubble bath.

Instead of looking for the best medicine for pet allergies, try instead an all-natural preventative approach. Instead of stripping the coat because of excessive bathing with chemical ridden shampoos, give Thera-Clean a try.


Because clean skin is healthy skin, Thera-Clean helps prevent skin problems.

Anything your pet picks up in the environment will be washed away with Thera-Clean. If your pet has environmental allergies, Thera-Clean will remove them.

Less itching means fewer secondary infections like yeast and bacteria. Common causes of chronic stinky skin are yeast and bacteria. Because a Thera-Clean pet generally scratches less, that means they will have fewer secondary infections. 


A fresh smelling pet is one that gets lots of attention. No more pushing Sassy away because she smells like she has been rolling in the chicken coop. Many have reported no stinky skin even after 4-6 weeks! A fresh smelling pet is a happy pet.

A beautiful pet gets attention. Thera-Clean gives a softer feel and look to the coat. It also makes it easier for your groomer to style allowing for a smoother more even cut. A beautiful pet is a happy pet.

A less itchy pet makes a comfortable, relaxed, less agitated , and happy pet. 

Thera-Clean relaxes your pet for their spa day. Many pets that we have groomed prior to Thera-Clean have relaxed significantly since. A relaxed pet is a happy pet.

Many elderly pets just feel better after Thera-Clean. They keep bringing them back for more because it has given them a new lease on life. A "Thera cleaned" pet is simply a happy pet.

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